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Welcome to Invent UK Ltd

"A leading provider to the HVAC industry since 1988"

Invent UK was established in 1988 at Imperial College, London. The company provides expert testing and consultancy services to designers, manufacturers and users of laboratory & safety ventilation systems in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Invent UK is the principal UK distributor of TSI control and monitor products for fume cupboards, laboratories and hospitals, and recently added Plastifer Polyfan range of fume extraction fans to its range of products. Invent UK manufactures the SafeCheck and VelCheck fume cupboard test systems. The latest additions to the test systems are the new test systems for testing fume cupboards in accordance with the EN 14175 European fume cupboard standard.

The range of products and services provided include:


  • TSI HVAC control & monitor products for fume cupboards & laboratories

  • TSI HVAC control & monitor products for hospitals

  • Plastifer Polyfan fume extraction fans

  • SafeCheck containment test system for fume cupboards

  • VelCheck face velocity test system for fume cupboards

  • EN 14175 containment test systems for fume cupboards

  • TSI hand-held test instruments for air velocity, flow, pressure, temperature & humidity

Testing & Consultancy Services:

  • Fume cupboard type testing and certification for BS, DIN, ASHRAE & EN

  • Fume cupboard on-site containment & velocity testing

  • Consultancy and advice on laboratories, ventilation designs and operations

  • Consultancy and advice on fume cupboard design & development to enhance safety

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