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Invent UK Move to New

In March 2004, Invent UK completed the purchase of new prestigious premises in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.  The relocation to be completed before April 2004,  sees the amalgamation of the Imperial College London, Waltham Abbey Essex and St Albans Hertfordshire sites.  This move provides the increased capacity necessary for the future growth of the company and will result in improved services to our increasing client base.

The Ground Floor of the new premises will incorporate state of the art testing facilities constructed for type testing and evaluation in compliance with EN14175, BS7258, DIN12924 and ASHRAE.  The First floor will continue to be  used as offices with the 150m3 basement area providing additional storage for the TSI inc and Plastifer Polyfan products.


This new standard currently comprised of six parts has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 332 ‘’ Laboratory Equipment’’.   When published, any part of the EN14175 has the status of a British Standard and according to CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations the national organisations of the following 22 countries are bound to implement this European Standard.

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

EN 14175: 1 : 2003 Part 1: Vocabulary

The objective of Part 1 is to give definitions for terms relevant to fume cupboards for general use. These terms and definitions offer assistance to those concerned with construction, testing and defining user information for fume cupboards. Published as British Standard BS EN 14175 - 1: 2003 on 28 November 2003.


EN 14175: 2 : 2003 Part 2: Safety and performance requirements

The Part 2 specifies safety and performance requirements and objectives for general purpose fume cupboards. The safety requirements given in Part 2 provide guidelines for the construction and testing of fume cupboards.
Published as British Standard BS EN 14175 - 2: 2003 on 28 November 2003.


prEN 14175: 3 : 2003 Part 3: Type test methods

The objective of Part 3 is to specify type test methods for assessment of safety and performance of fume cupboards. Having successfully concluded the final CEN voting stage it is anticipated this part will be published as British Standard BS EN 14175 - 3: 2003 in the summer of  2004.


prEN 14175: 4 : 2003 Part 4: On - site test methods

The Part 4 specifies a selection of on site test methods for commissioning, maintenance and qualification purposes of fume cupboards. This part is currently with CEN at final voting stage and subject to approval could be published as British Standard BS EN 14175 - 4: 2003 in late 2004.


prEN 14175: 5 : 2003 Part 5: Recommendations for installation and maintenance

This part at 'first draft' stage has yet to be considered by CEN TC332/WG4.  The informative nature of this part may make it desirable for it to be issued as a 'Technical Specification' rather than an EN standard.


prEN 14175: 6 : 2003 Part 6: Variable air volume fume cupboards

The intention of this part is to specify test methods relevant to assess the performance of variable air volume. Working Group drafting is completed and has been sent to CEN for Public Enquiry issue in the spring of 2004.