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As a TSI incorporated distributor we offer a variety of hand-held instruments for measuring air velocity, flow rate, pressure, temperature and humidity. These can be used in many applications including routine monitoring of fume cupboards for regular COSHH assessments, laboratory and duct air flows pressures etc. and many other HVAC applications. 

We are pleased to offer the following TSI hand-held Ventilation Test Instrumentation:  

  • VELOCICALC® Air Velocity Meters
    Measures velocity and temperature, and calculates flow with basic sampling and statistics performed.
  • VELOCICALC® Plus Multi-Parameter Ventilation Meters
    Ultimate ventilation tool with models that measure velocity, temperature, humidity, and pressure. Calculations include volumetric flow, wet bulb, dew point, and heat flow. All parameters can be data logged for records.
  • VELOCICHECK® Air Velocity Meters
    Intrinsically safe and standard versions available to make basic velocity measurements.
  • VELOCICALC® Rotating Vane Anemometers
    Traditional HVAC tool for measuring air velocity and temperature.
  • Air Velocity Transducers
    Measures air velocities with selectable ranges and outputs. Probe options include general-purpose, windowless, and omnidirectional.
  • DP-CALC™ Micromanometers
    Accurate measurements of static and differential pressure from -5 to 15" water gauge (-1245 to 3735 Pa) to test and balance HVAC systems.
  • ACCUBALANCE® Air Capture Hood
    Lightweight air capture hood with five different hood size options.
  • ACCUBALANCE® Plus Air Capture Hoods
    Premier volumetric capture hoods include data logging, summing calculations, balancing mode, K-factors, and automatic conversion between standard and actual flows.

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