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Fume Cupboard & Laboratory Testing

Type Testing: Invent UK is the leading fume cupboard test house in the UK offering a wide range of fume cupboard type tests in accordance with EN 14175, BS 7258, DIN 12924, XPX 15-203, ASHRAE 110. All type tests are carried out in Invent UK's state-of-the-art test room. Subject to validation of suitability, Invent UK can also undertake type tests in the fume cupboard manufacturers' facilities for independent certification.



On-Site Commissioning Testing: The performance of fume cupboards in the work place may deviate from the established performance during type tests, Invent UK offers a variety of on-site tests in accordance with various standards, including sound pressure, velocity, containment - tailored to suit specific client requirements. These tests evaluate the fume cupboard performance in its installed environment and contribute to identifying site-specific factors that may be detrimental to fume cupboard performance.


On-Site Maintenance Testing: Following installation and commissioning of fume cupboards in the work place, it is important that the established environment is monitored and maintained for safe operation on regular basis. Invent UK offers maintenance services to monitor the critical environment so that actions can be put in place to ensure the critical environment remain safe and comply with COSHH health and safety regulations.

Invent UK has considerable experience and knowledge in fluid mechanics, extraction fans, fume cupboard & laboratory ventilation systems. Dr Ali Bicen of Invent UK has published over 50 papers in fluid-mechanics related topics. He is a member of BS7258 fume cupboard committee (LBI/18) and the UK expert delegate in the EN 14175 fume cupboard European Norm drafting committee (TC332/WG4).

We can assist manufacturers, designers & users at the initial design stages which can include advice on supply and extract systems, fume cupboards (types, installations, manufacturers, etc) and VAV control systems.

We can also evaluate existing fume cupboard installations and advise clients on upgrade and/or replacement with considerable cost savings.

For further information on our test and consultancy services please contact us on info@invent-uk.com.